@camila_cabello:BIG NEWS we showed you the new cover, but you haven’t seen the special edition all colored an all. WHATTAYATHINK

3 way piggyback ride (x)


#justtrinitythings (x) Request by: anon

The last person you kissed?

Camila talking about how she accidentally kissed a fan

@FifthHarmony: Whaddup harmonizers! We saw your feed back about the album cover & we agreed with you lol …. Tada✨ we give you ..

fifth harmony editing challenge: favorite vine - a fifth harmony tale.

heyusa! i’m grace, i’m mamrie and we’re besties roadtripping around america. you told us where to go and what to do, so if it sucks… it’s your fault.



Because Im so excited that Grace finally has merch, Ive decided to do a giveaway! I will be giving away 3 shirts. All you need to do is reblogg this and Ill pick 3 winners in 1 week so Wednesday the 27th!